Deborah Stirton-Massey, Queen’s Department of History


I have been very fortunate to have spent my career at an organization with the comraderie that I find at Queen’s. I have had many opportunities here, and enjoy working with a large number of dedicated colleagues, many of whom represent the loyal and hard-working support staff of our institution. I have been working at Queen’s in various capacities long enough, and in different positions, to have developed a good appreciation for many of Queen’s strengths and weaknesses.

The University’s direction and way of operating are changing. In response, other groups on campus have joined or formed genuine labour organizations. Support staff at Queen’s have been very fortunate that QUSA has been led by many dedicated and hard-working people over the years. However, support staff need to adopt an approach similar to that of the other groups on campus, to ensure that we are not disadvantaged and that we have an effective voice in the decisions that affect us. The Steelworkers have an impressive record of successfully representing similar groups at other institutions, and I am optimistic that they will help us negotiate a legally binding contract that we will be happy with. If we do not unionize now, I’m afraid that our future security is at great risk.