Karen MacIntyre, Queens School of Environmental Studies

As I enter my 20th year of employment at Queen’s, it is hard for me to fathom working anywhere else. All staff can be proud of our contributions to the university. However, in the contemporary climate at Queen’s, with job security becoming more of a worry and with the absence of a true grievance process with representation, I am more and more concerned about staff being fairly treated. This has led me to consider the value of a union that will put us on an even playing field with other employee groups at Queen’s.

Like some others, I am sometimes surprised to find myself involved in a unionization campaign. However, I’ve come to reflect on what a great place Queen’s is to work at and how important it is to maintain that. Through the union selection process, I realize that the United Steelworkers are best positioned to help us achieve that goal.

I eagerly anticipate Queen’s staff moving forward and working with the United Steelworkers to solidify a collective agreement that will strengthen our voice on campus.